About Us

Hello, my name is Ayshe Kadir.  Thank you for visiting my site.   Please allow me to share a little of my background with you.  

I am an international entrepreneur, and since 1985 I have helped people achieve wealth and business success that they previously only dreamed about. 
I was born and raised in London, England, and my claim to fame is:
(1)      I have never been employed, and 
(2)      I had 3 businesses before the age of 30. 
My first company, was an IT training company.  Within six months of starting my IT company I started to invest the profits from my business by purchasing properties in London and renting them out.  Within 2 years of the IT company being established I opened up a recruitment company in central London.  My companies have international blue chip clients and I have visited many countries as an invited trainer.  In recent years I have helped struggling companies turn their businesses around, and have a success rate of doubling a company’s usual annual turnover in 6 months.  I have been featured in Zest and SHE magazine as a business consultant.  I have also been interviewed on Sky TV for I Mean Business, Property Pulse and Health Wealth.  I have also done numerous radio interviews. 
 I am a full time property investor and business owner and founder of various companies both in the UK and the USA. 
In 2001, I started looking at the US investment market.  When looking at investment opportunities, there are several things that need to be considered.  Namely,
  • is the investment secure?
  • will I get a good return on my investment?
  • am I protected in any way? 
These were exactly the things that I was looking for when in 2001 I started investing in the States. Why the States?   Well, the first reason is the currency exchange rate – you get 1 dollar 60 for every pound.  The second, and perhaps the most important is THE PENSIONS FIASCO.  I needed to establish a fund for my retirement years that was SAFE, GUARANTEED and PROTECTED FROM MARKET FORCES which I had No Control Over.  Whilst investigating the States, I stumbled across 2 very unknown strategies for making a phenomenal amount of money.  
Result, I founded Invest In The States, and developed a PRACTICAL PROGRAM that enables myself and others who attend my PRACTICAL PROGRAMS, to purchase tax liens and tax deed properties from anywhere in the world with just a computer and an internet connection. I am living proof of this as my website shows students in the Learn and Earn program, bidding, buying liens and getting paid a nice return on the liens purchased.  I run Invest In The States workshops in the UK and the USA. 
 I am the UK and Europe’s Only Tax Lien Expert