Review by Roni Akins

Is Now The Time to Invest In The States?

By Roni Akins, Editor

Ayshe Kadir said she could not believe 97% of people never take action after attending real estate courses.

So now Ayshe is on a mission. Living and working in England as an IT trainer, she has since 2001, spent time developing a portfolio of US properties that have made her a millionaire – now she is looking to pass on her expertise.

But once she heard the shocking statistic that 97% of all people who attend real estate seminars do nothing with the information, she saw a gap in the market and decided to take action herself.

“As I have always been used to 97% of my IT students always taking action, I feel it my duty to make sure that the same applies to investment students,” she said. “I spoke to my team and vowed that we would change this statistic. Whilst other real estate trainers would be happy to take money off people and not care whether they got results, I cannot and will not do that.”

So Ayshe has designed the 4 Day Learn & Earn Program and the Property Partner Program to help wannabe investors in the US market – both have been designed, she says, to change the statistics – she hopes these programs will make sure that 97% do take action and do succeed.

“With the current market ripe to help people out of financial challenges,” she says, “and for investors to make amazing incomes, what is stopping people from taking action?”

Ayshe has been a trainer since 1985 when she started her IT training company. It all began for her in 1983, when she needed to learn how to use a word processor. She paid £300 but got nothing in return.

 “The training company I went to for training showed me a room with the word processor in it,” said Ayshe, “they pointed to a shelf above the word-processor with four very thick manuals. The person told me to start with manual one and work your way through. I asked wasn’t someone going to teach me, their reply was a flat ‘no’. I had two choices: I either demanded my money back, or I knuckled down and started to go through the manuals. I chose the latter.”

She found that she was able to pick up her IT skills fairly easily. As she started to temp, she realised that most people hadn’t a clue about how to use machines effectively. So she opened an IT training centre, providing hands on, instructor led courses.

“By getting people and sitting next to them and taking them through exercises they came away after their time with us knowing how to use their machines properly with absolutely no fear. The same applies to real estate,” said Ayshe, “bringing people in, sitting them down and teaching them will help them be able to invest with absolutely no fear.”

Ayshe hopes her style of teaching will translate into the property investment world. She says instead of teaching people how to source deals, members of her programs will be sat down, taught, and during the training buy liens, deeds, and/or foreclosure properties. With the Property Partner Program investors are able to invest in properties that have already been sourced, researched and purchased.

 “Because people do have lots of questions about making money from property, I want to help them understand first,” she says. “I will not take money from people attending courses who do nothing. I want them to make money, but I also know you need constant help and also that it needs to be presented in a way that takes all the stress and fear away from buying properties.”

She thinks the time has never been better to invest in the US. According to her companies’ research, many US Properties are 30% to 50% below market values and one in 20 homeowners have to foreclose.

“With our assistance, there is no reason you cannot make $20,000 profit or you can finance the property and then rent this out, to allow further investment. Either way, our program members have complete hand holding from our US financial advisors and also our real estate team.” Ayshe said, “you can even do this from the comfort of your own home, whilst helping struggling Americans sell on their properties at this difficult time.”

Ayshe encourages her investors to acquire the right mindset by attending her Your and Your Finances – Taking Control of Your Financial Future.  She also runs a women only course, called Women & Finances – Taking Control of Your Financial Future. She says of this Course:

“We want to show people how to identify their money blueprint,” she says, “we want to dramatically increase people’s income and help them accumulate wealth.”