Review by Steve Thomas

“What are you doing this Saturday? The reason I ask is IPN speaker Ayshe Kadir is hosting a Super Saturday event in London to show people how to invest their money and gain a far higher return than the banks would dare to offer.

Imagine earning 8% to 36% or more on your savings. And I suppose generating a 6,100% uplift is, well, sheer fantasy. Right? Using property as an investment vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy houses or flats, get a mortgage, or figure out how to acquire control through creative methods.

Year in, year out hundreds of people have been gaining these sorts of returns in the US through Tax Liens. Put simply, you are offering a loan that generates an interest rate of up to 36%. Backing by State governments make Tax Liens some of the safest investments you will ever come across. Your money is secured against a property in the form of a certificate that gives the holder preference over other parties, such as mortgage lenders.

In a few cases Tax Lien certificate holders have ended up owning a property free and clear for literally pennies on the Dollar. But like anything you’ve done in property, you need to learn the correct steps to invest safely and wisely. This is what Ayshe offers. And she helps you set up a tax-effective structure so once you’ve learned how to make these investments, you can repeat the process time and time again.

It is very simple and straightforward. In a recent training session that Liz, Julian, and I attended, there was a 100% success rate – that’s everyone in the room starting from zero knowledge about how to buy a Tax Lien, through to winning bids!

Undoubtedly, there’s a lot of hype out there and the performance of some ‘educators’ has left a few people cold. Personally I found Ayshe’s approach worked really well as she is passionate about helping all of her students gain the returns they desire.

Let’s face it. For every pound you have in your bank account, the banks will multiply that by 10 and loan it to other people. This is a chance to make your money work harder for you, not the banks!

To book your place at Ayshe’s Super Saturday event just click the link below. But hurry, numbers are limited. And with the Baltimore Tax Lien auctions coming up in May that offer a guaranteed 18% return, Ayshe is anticipating a huge response from potential students from around the country. “